What We Do

We want to provide everyone with a positive and meaningful cannabinoid experience. Integrating cannabinoid products into your life can be overwhelming at the start. With so many options out in the market, we want to make the often grueling journey easier by providing you with education and clarity about what you consume and how it effects you. In the same way every person is unique, we consider each of our products a unique experience. The universal truth to the best cannabinoid product is that there is no universal truth! By delivering a wide-variety of purely strain hemp-derived products, everyone can benefit in one way or another. Our commitment to providing hemp from pure strains every time ensures the best possible experience for newcomers and regulars. You’ll taste the difference.

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We believe in trust, quality, and variety.

A look at our core values



We establish trust by providing a deeper level of knowledge about what's in our products through testing.



Our hemp is purely cannabis derived to ensure the best experience delivered by the strains and terpenes.



We offer vapes, edibles, dabs, shatter, and flowers - choose your preference! We provide Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, and Broad Spectrum with a variety of terpenes.