Microdosing Cannabis: When Less is More

Microdosing cannabis is the practice of taking small amounts of THC or CBD throughout the day. The purpose is to allow the consumer to experience the effects of cannabis without interfering with one’s daily routine and activities.  Microdosing is increasingly popular among both recreational and medical cannabis users.

Some microdose to regulate their moods, boost creativity or enhance workouts and yoga sessions.

A “standard” dose of cannabis can range from 5-10mg of THC. A lot depends on the type of cannabis and the individual’s level of tolerance. A microdose would be anything from 1-5mg of THC.

The challenge of finding the right dose is that we’re all different and we all react differently to THC. As with most drugs, there’s a bell curve of dose and effect that is different for everybody. So finding the correct level of dosing is a matter of experimentation.

Many cannabis users prefer microdosing because they like the level of effects and benefits from the smaller doses. Experiencing the effects without the psychoactive overload is more beneficial and pleasing to many. Microdosing is especially effective for use by medical patients who use cannabis to counteract side effects of medications and medical conditions.

Ways to Microdose

One of the most convenient ways to microdose is to use gummies, mints, chocolates and other edibles. Many companies create edibles with microdosable amounts of THC. While it can sometimes take longer for the effects to be felt, they tend to last longer.

Cannabis tinctures and sublinguals (taken to be absorbed under the tongue) enter the bloodstream directly. This permits the user to quickly gauge the dose and add more if necessary.

Finally, if you want the best control over the dose, consider tablets and capsules, which deliver a specified amount of THC. There are many products–softgels, tabs, capsules–on the market with tiny amounts of THC. These are easy to consume and easy to experiment with to find your personal dosage level.

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