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Our workaday worlds are filled with distractions. At the office, the phone is always ringing, new emails and texts arrive with head-spinning frequency, those gathered around the water cooler always have some great new gossip to share … and then there’s ‘Breaking News!’

And some days, all you want is an uninterrupted hour or two or three to focus on a new report, or to put some new data into a spreadsheet and analyze it, or to finish that chapter in your in-progress Great American Novel.

All of us are looking for new ways to increase our focus on our work, to eliminate distractions, break through the brain-fog and sleepiness to put our mind to work on a problem and see it through to the end.

Over the centuries, many have observed that the cannabis plant helps provide that burst of focused energy and concentration on the here-and-now task. Strains-RX has isolated the different parts of the cannabis plant, and its cousin the industrially grown hemp plant, to extract the parts that can help some increase their focus.


While the scientific literature on the subject is lacking (the government has long prevented research labs and scientists from conducting research on the plant), anecdotal evidence has long indicated that cannabis, especially the Sativa strains, seems to contain excellent attention focussing properties.

Why these elements of cannabis are effective in focus and energy is still being studied, but is thought to relate to dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in the neuroscience of creativity and focus. THC, one of the main cannabinoids in the plant, appears to stimulate dopamine release in the part of the brain that is involved in creative activities.

CBD, a non psychoactive cannabinoid, is also thought to play a role in assisting focus, in part, it is thought, by reducing stress and anxiety.  For customers looking for a focus aid without the euphoric feeling that THC provides, CBD might be the perfect answer.

And the terpenes, those molecules that give the plant its taste and smell, can also be broken down to isolate the few that promote creativity and focus. Pinene and Limonene are cannabis-derived terpenes that are believed to be excellent at improving focus, concentration and motivation.  Dabs high in pinene have been called “study dabs” because of their apparent efficacy in concentrating the mind.

Strains-RX provides 100% pure, lab-tested derivatives from the cannabis plant, providing isolated components that can help some with focus, concentration and creativity.

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