2000MG THCA Disposable Vapes


THC-A is a unique cannabinoid that offers a buzz that’s similar to that of Delta 9 THC. These THC-A disposable vapes come from a process that is derived from Federally Complaint Hemp.

Onset Time

5 seconds - 1 minute


1 - 2 hours


Hemp-Derived THC-A Liquid Diamonds and Strain-Specific Terpenes

Delta 9 Content

Under 0.3% ∆9-THC

Additional information


2000 MG THC-A


Blue Dream (Sativa), Frosted Grapes (Indica), Guava (Sativa), Lemon Cherry Gelato (Hybrid), Mochi Gelato (Hybrid), Purple Punch (Indica), Strawberry Alien Kush (Indica), Trainwreck (Sativa)


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