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Industry-Leading Science

Strain-RX is a leader in premium high quality cannabinoids.


Focusing on strain-specificity allows every user the full true-to-strain experience.

Dispensary-Level Lab

Products and oils tested in-house and via third-party labs for safety

Safe & Responsible

We put consumer safety first and advocate only responsible adult usage.

Taste the difference

We supply a wide-range of pure, tested, and verified hemp-derived cannabis products.

Our goal is to help people improve their well-being by providing pure and accurately tested hemp-derived cannabis products. We offer CBD, CBN, CBG, Delta 8, Delta 9 / THC (0.3% or less), THC-O, THC-P, THCv, HHC, and HHC-P products. Our hemp is derived from the same pure strain every time to ensure the best quality terpenes for taste, benefits, and effects!


All our products are 100% hemp-derived. We offer the purest strains and terpenes for a true-taste experience.


Our aim is to help you integrate cannabinoid products into your life both conveniently and enjoyably.


We take testing and verification seriously. All products are tested at reputable labs within the U.S.


Whether you're looking for a sleep aid or an energy boost, each product has unique benefits for your needs.


All of our products are tested substantially through reputable sources so that we can be fully transparent in regards to what our goods contain—no exceptions.

We want to avoid guessing games concerning what we put in our body as much as you do. Hence, at Strains-Rx, we seek to eliminate that worry entirely by selling you exactly what you’re paying for: quality, hemp-derived goods that contain precisely what’s on the label.

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We offer excellent discounts and low minimums for wholesale purchases.

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