What’s Your Cannabis Sign? Astrology and your strains

Last month, we reviewed the long history of cannabis use, which extends back through time almost as long as humans have roamed the earth.

Astrology is a belief system and practice based on the idea that human behavior and events can be divined by the study of the positions of various celestial objects from the moment of your birth right up until today. While some believe and others are skeptical, the art of astrology is also as old as human beings themselves. 

Since the use of cannabis and the practice of astrology are both ancient, it is interesting to learn what astrologists think about cannabis use among the 12 astrological signs. 

(We’re going with sun signs here – the one based on your birthday that you probably know and can answer when someone at a bar asks ‘what’s your sign?’ You also have a moon sign and a rising sign and to learn more about those, you need to talk to a good astrologist!)

Whether or not you’re a believer, when you read your horoscope it can make you approach the day differently or opt for a different mindset. Something else that can encourage a profound feeling of personal discovery is cannabis. So the idea of looking at the ways cannabis can be used with astrology can be interesting.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – the fire signs

People born under these three signs–the so-called fire signs–are known to be enthusiastic (sometimes overly so), with a strong drive to express themselves. In the workplace, fire signs are very useful for career-minded individuals.

But in social environments, tamping down the extra enthusiasm can often be more helpful. Astrologists recommend the fire signs use an indica strain to take the edge off their naturally outgoing and sometimes feisty personalities. With a little indica, fire signers can enjoy their surroundings without feeling the need to be the center of attention all the time.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – the air signs

Those born into one of the air signs thrive on communication and conceptualizing new ideas. They tend to have vivid imaginations and a creative bent. The air signs out-of-the-box thinking does well in the creative arts: art, music, writing and acting.

Sativa strains are excellent for their ability to inspire and generate creative ideas, even during the worst mental blocks. Sativa is the ‘mind’ strain (as opposed to indica’s ‘body’ strain) and can incite feelings of euphoria and help you approach a problem from a new angle.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – the earth signs

Those born under one of the earth signs tend to have a more reserved or cautious personality type. They tend to be practical, with a mild sense of apprehension about the world. That doesn’t mean they are wilting flowers – earth signers are just as active and involved as anyone else. But they tend to be more skeptical about information. And the earthers seem to have a weak spot for material goods.

With this overarching conflict between the practical and the cautious, picking an ideal strain depends on the situation. Hybrid strains are therefore an excellent choice for the earth signs, as they offer attributes from both indica and sativa strains. Some days you might want to relax your body after a strenuous day of work (indica); other times you may want to generate some energy for a shopping trip or a visit with relatives, in which case the sativa strain would be helpful.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – the water signs

These signs are emotional and sensitive; generally lovers not fighters; and rely on the power of their intellects to solve problems. Sometimes, however, they can overthink a situation or be apprehensive about meeting new people.

Because the water signs are sensitive and emotionally charged, strains with too much THC can tip the scales and leave the water signers feeling paranoid or anxious. The recommendation is for using more CBD strains. Cannabidiol-enriched strains can still be smoked, but without the intense side effects that can be off-putting. With CBD, the mind stays clear while one’s worries fade away into the background.

As in all things astrological, there are no hard and fast rules, just tendencies and possibilities (which is what drives skeptics crazy!)

What’s your experience? Contact us at Strains-RX and let us know your sign and which strain seems to work best for you. Our counselors may be able to suggest a new strain that will work best for your astrological propensities.

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