Microdosing Cannabis: When Less is More

Microdosing cannabis is the practice of taking small amounts of THC or CBD throughout the day. The purpose is to allow the consumer to experience the effects of cannabis without interfering with one’s daily routine and activities.  Microdosing is increasingly popular among both recreational and medical cannabis users. Some microdose to regulate their moods, boost […]

The Chemistry of Stress

Dealing with stress is a big part of modern life. Everyone, male and female alike, has daily pressures in living our lives. These range from the superficial (dealing with bad drivers on the road or seeing a threatening sky that might turn into really bad weather) to longer-term stress-causing problems, like a parent or child […]

Bon Appetit! How to Make Your Own Edibles

When you smoke or vape cannabis flower, the THC or CBD molecules are quickly absorbed in the bloodstream which goes directly to those receptors in your brain and deliver the psychotropic experience. Edibles work differently. Eating something infused or made with cannabis will send those same molecules on a different path through the body, passing […]

Working Together: Coffee and Cannabis

Most of us start the day with a cup o’ joe. Or two or three. Some of us start the day with a so-called wake ‘n’ bake, or an intake of THC either in smoke or edible form. What if you combine these two early morning rituals?  Or try adding an edible treat to your […]

What’s Your Cannabis Sign? Astrology and your strains

Last month, we reviewed the long history of cannabis use, which extends back through time almost as long as humans have roamed the earth. Astrology is a belief system and practice based on the idea that human behavior and events can be divined by the study of the positions of various celestial objects from the […]

The ancients and cannabis

When you walk through a modern cannabis dispensary, or scroll through all the products offered by Strains-RX, it’s easy to think how brilliant we are, here in the 21st century, to have developed the technology and know-how to put the humble cannabis plant to such good use. Sorry to burst that bubble, but mankind has […]

Cannabis: Is It Love Potion No. 9?

I told her that I was a flop with chics I’ve been this way since 1956 She looked at my palm and she made a magic sign She said, “What you need is Love Potion Number 9” –Love Potion No. 9 Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller Recorded by The Clovers, 1959 February is the month […]

Put the Happy Back in the Holidays

Tis the season! The holidays are a great time for being with family and friends and celebrating with treasured traditions passed down through the generations. It’s a time for gathering, enjoying each other’s company, and looking forward to all the opportunities a new year can bring. Of course, the holidays are also probably the most […]

Cannabis Cooking Shows on Netflix and YouTube

Cooking shows on television date all the way back to the black-and-white episodes of Julia Child’s The French Chef on PBS, where the hostess would end each show with the cheerful toast: “bon appetit!” Julia set the template for cooking shows. She’d prepare a dish from beginning to end, showing us watching at home the […]